Commercial Investment Opportunity Ayia Napa Cyprus


The proposed project is a 4* Hotel to be constructed at the attractive area of Sirens Bay of Ayia Thekla area, near the newly constructed Ayia Napa marina. It’s a luxury 4* beach Resort with 206 Guests Rooms and fully loaded facilities such Restaurants, Bars , SPA , Fitness, Swimming Pools, Children Areas, Hairdressing saloon , Conference Rooms etc.; in 17’000 m² building.


Industry Overview A beach resort is not a new business in the hospitality industry; it has long been in existence but only just recently like several decades back revolved into a better package than before. It is usually a place of fun and relaxation for locals and tourists who want to be close to the beach, while still enjoying the amenities of a resort. A beach resort is like other resorts but is usually situated close to the beach, and is a place for fun lovers and those seeking a retreat of sorts. The hospitality industry which consists of hotels and resorts has experienced a strong growth from 2010 to 2019. The growth has been due to increased travel globally due to a boom in international tourism. The next five years (2022 to 2026) will see this industry continue to boom, as the economy grows and allows more consumers to have more funds in which they will use for vacationing and beach resort trips. The industry is seen as an $864 billion with a projected annual growth of 4.3% that has employed over 700,000 businesses that have employed over 4 million people. Cyprus has continued to lead in the beach resorts business due to a large and beautiful number of beaches in the country, while the Middle East has led in the area of having expensive rates. The consumer group for beach resorts is rising and will continue to do so in 2022 as more people will use their mobile devices as well as apps to check out beach resorts, make their reservations and plan their holidays. Resorts are now competing with hotels in terms of allowing customers to have seminars, conferences, conventions and symposiums combined with Beach Holidays. This has opened up more of the target market for the resort business allowing them to tap into areas that were majorly for city hotels. Also, beach resorts have received a boost from couples and families who prefer the privacy and simplicity to that of hotels. This is also another target market that has been opened up for the resort business. • Executive Summary This feasibility study report refers to the work done to assess the viability of a proposed new hotel to be established, in the area of Ayia Thekla (Ayia Napa – Cyprus). It’s a development of 4* luxurious Beach Resort , 206 rooms to be built in an attractive beach area, only a few minutes from newly built Ayia Napa Marina. Anaselia Beach Resort is a luxury resort in Cyprus– Ayia Napa that was established to cater to the locals as well as visitors and tourists and also to make profit as well. We will offer our customers the ultimate place for them to have fun and relax. Our location across 300 meters of waterfront property has afforded us a vantage point over our competitors as we are located close to some of the world’s famous beaches that attract locals and visitors alike. We intend to fully utilize our location to full advantage. 2 | P a g e ANASELIA BEACH RESORT Our vision is to ensure that we are the preferred beach resort in Cyprus as well as the whole world and that we attain this goal by the year 2024. To achieve this we will go through the extra mile of picking those that would best serve the purposes of our resort. Our management staff, due to their vast experience and knowledge of the industry and these kinds of businesses, we are confident that they would help bring our business to where we intend it to be. Asides from having the experience, our management staff also believes in our core values. • Our Products and Services Anaselia Beach Resort is a major tourist destination that intends to offer its customers several services all aimed at generating fun and relaxation. We are strategically located in an area which we intend to maximize to our benefit. Even though our core service is to ensure that all our various customers can relax and have fun as well, we intend to ensure that we create other multiple sources of income that will also generate revenue for our business. Some of the services and products that we intend to offer at Anaselia Beach Resort are; ✓ Room rentals for private and corporate individuals ✓ Sales of drinks and food ✓ Facility rental for private and corporate events (Wedding venues – Ceremony- Party) ✓ Facility rental for Conferences and Business meetings ✓ Facilities for Spa and Fitness ✓ Trainings • Our Mission and Vision Statement ✓ To become a major tourist destination for those looking for fun as well as relaxation in one place. ✓ To become the major preferred vacation destination for locals and visitors alike. ✓ To ensure we achieve this vision, we intend to be located in a strategically attractive place which will be close to the town’s major attractions. ✓ Our mission is to be the most preferred beach resort destination in Ayia Napa – Famagusta district. • The plots of land are located on the beach and in walking distance of Ayia Thekla beach and Ayia Napa Marina. The proximity to the new Ayia Napa Marina as well as the Ayia Thekla Beach are unique characteristics of the land. 4 Plots of land, with a total area of 21.563m2. Its location is indicated through a red line on the map below

ANASELIA BEACH RESORT has Plots of land, with a total area of 21.590m². Chart below indicated the size of each plot and Topographic plan A/A Plot Number Area m² 1 294 15’944 2 303 5’252 3 299 383 4 274 11 Total 21’590 

ANASELIA BEACH RESORT • Proposed Project The proposed project is a 4* Hotel to be constructed at the attractive area of Sirens Bay of Ayia Thekla area, near the newly constructed Ayia Napa marina. It’s a luxury 4* beach Resort with 206 Guests Rooms and fully loaded facilities such Restaurants, Bars , SPA , Fitness, Swimming Pools, Children Areas, Hairdressing saloon , Conference Rooms etc.; in 17’000 m² building. Building Characteristics Preliminary drawings prepared by the architects provide for the construction to be of the highest standards. The proposed complex will comprise the following. The hotel aims to become a point of reference for the whole area of Ayia Napa. The hotel, although innovative in its design and structure, always remembers that in its heart there is a guest. The building, the scenery and the concepts ate merely a microcosm created to serve guests and visitors and to tend to their needs and desires, both expressed and undeclared. The aesthetic of the design, the elegance of the interior spaces, the volume of the rooms, all contribute in the end to provide a memorable holiday experience. There are 206 hotel rooms of different categories over five floors, all overlooking the beautiful sea of Ayia Napa- Ayia Thekla coastline. The number of rooms and their type are shown here below: Type of Room Number of Rooms Available Standard Side-Sea View Room (SSV) 21 Seaview Room (SV) 144 Executive Rooms with direct pool access (EXSV) 24 Junior Suites (all SV, bigger room , sleep 4) (JS) 17 Total Units: 206 Hotel units

ANASELIA BEACH RESORT The Guests Rooms Great effort was given by the design team to provide all rooms with a view to the sea Type of Room Number Of Rooms Room Characteristics Standard Room SSV Side Sea View Rooms 21 Those guest rooms are well appointed to delight the guests with their design, comfort and functionality. The rooms are equipped with all amenities for a careless and enjoyable stay Rooms have a side sea view balcony. Seaview Room SV 144 Those guest rooms are well appointed to delight the guests with their design, comfort and functionality. The rooms are equipped with all amenities for a careless and enjoyable stay Rooms have a frontal sea view balcony. Executive Rooms with direct pool access 24 Executive rooms are exceptionally designed and equipped rooms to please high standard holiday expectations. The executive rooms are equipped with all amenities for a careless and enjoyable stay including: Private sun loungers and direct access to the swimming pool makes it a truly highlight experience. Junior Suites 17 Those extra size guest rooms are well appointed to delight the guests with their space, design, comfort and functionality. They can sleep up to 4 people. The junior suites are equipped with all amenities for a careless and enjoyable stay All junior suites have a frontal sea view balcony.

ANASELIA BEACH RESORT Restaurants & Dining Experience In addition to accommodation, the hotel offers a range of restaurants, bars and wellness facilities to cover all tastes and holiday expectations. * Restaurant “Du Marche” This all day dining restaurant will be the centerpiece of culinary highlights. Several cooking and food displaying units will create an attractive food market project to delight in house guests, but also nonresidents from the surrounding area. Located on the Lobby level floor * Roof Restaurant Experience “Sea & Sunset’ Three specialty restaurants on the Seaview roof create a unique dine out experience. Asian, Mediterranean and Cyprus Cuisines will offer a mouthwatering mixture of tastes and delightfulness. *Dinner Restaurant “MaMo” Breakfast & All day Dining Restaurant. Buffet Style & Several Live Cooking stations for a great dining experience . Located on the -1 level

ANASELIA BEACH RESORT Bars & Entertaining Area Cosy lobby lounge, classic bar and club style entertainment hall are designed to make the stay in this hotel pleasurable and entertaining. Lobby Cafeteria Style / Selection of Coffee, Tea, Soft Drinks and a variety of Pastry and delicious Sweets. Pool Bar with Exotic cocktails and lite snacks Roof Bar with live background music and beautiful view to the coast, open till 2 am. Gym, Health & Wellness Extensive gym, and wellness facilities and services will be provided for guests to recharge and revitalize during their stay. On the level 4th the SPA and Wellness Area with indoor pool and treatment rooms. On the level minus 1 (Basement) there is a heated indoor pool provided mainly for the needs of guests during off season periods. A fully and modern equipped gym and fitness area provide the opportunity for physical exercise under the instructions of professional trainers. Tennis and a volleyball court are also available for guests wishing to play in a sportive way

ANASELIA BEACH RESORT • Pool Area: Sunbathing, bartending, snacking Large sized swimming pool constituted the centerpiece of the area, surrounded by great unhindered view overlooking the coast area. Sun loungers and sunbathing amenities are provided to enjoy the sun and the climate of Cyprus. Another long shaped swimming pool along the privileged executive pools adds to the magic of the scenery. An open air bar and a restaurant just next to the pool make your day experience even more enjoyable and joyful. All day services and facilities around the pool and overlooking the stunning coastal area right at the front of the hotel, will provide guests authentic and pleasurable experiences. Beach Club: An exclusive beach club for members only will also be included in the project. • Common Areas and Facilities Always true to the main principle of the design: The View, the hotel facilities which are placed in lower floors, are arranged in a way that allow for a continuous visual contact with the coastal front. All the auxiliary facilities such as parking areas, loading bays, stages are placed at the back of each floor. This way all prominent areas are reserved for the visitor‘s experience. On the level 2, there are 3 multiple use halls for meetings or conferences or guests activities. All hotel common facilities and amenities provide a sense of euphoria and calmness while dining, while having a drink in the beautiful surrounding of our bars, while exercising, while enjoying the many exclusive amenities the hotel has to offer. Especially while having a special meal or enjoying a signature cocktail on the roof experience venues, while enjoying a mesmerizing view of Ayia Thekla evening

ANASELIA BEACH RESORT Estimated Cost The plots are 21’590m2 on a cost of €9’000’000 Cost per sqm2 is €419 As previously mentioned, the building is 17’000 m2 on a construction cost of €26’000’000 Construction cost per sqm2 is estimated €1’530, based on quotations from various construction companies in Cyprus. For further information, contact us directly: Trellows Estate Agents +441604 801012 +357 99483159

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The Marina has overtaken the most beautiful stretch of shoreline on the island, bringing unadulterated seaside beauty right at your doorstep. Golden sand, abundant marine life, beguiling sunsets and a sublime seabed and underwater caves set an ideal scenery for all kinds of water sports and other activities.

The marina is designed to host around 600 yachts in both wet and dry storage, featuring a truly unique ‘finger style’ berthing, guaranteeing prompt access whatever the weather. Its basin can accommodate the deep drafts of sailing boats and superyachts, while its specially designed wave absorbing breakwater eliminates harbour chop and storm wave agitation throughout the year.

Still, the marina offers more to seafarers and lovers than to their vessels, boasting the ultimate dining, nightlife, recreational and shopping experience one can find across the island – and far beyond in the Mediterranean Sea. A private Beach Club offering an idyllic scenery for relaxation and socialising with its large infinity edge pool, the private cabana areas and the bar and lounge area, couples the paradisiac scenery with genuine rest.

A mere walk from the berths and residences stretches the shopping area, offering anything the body needs and the eye craves, from top-quality brands in fashion and jewellery down to everyday items, services, accessories, marine supplies and much more.

For those of you in the quest for rejuvenation and a mood boost, special care has been taken: fitness facilities and a fully equipped SPA will cater to your needs.

Undoubtedly, the Ayia Napa Marina encapsulates the essence of what life is all about. Can you picture yourself and your family somewhere in this heavenly setting?

Ayia Napa is a Mediterranean resort town on the southeast coast of Cyprus, known for its beaches. The town’s main landmark is the storied, Venetian-era Ayia Napa Monastery, which stands in the central square of Plateia Seferi, surrounded by bars and clubs. Freshly caught seafood is served at Ayia Napa Harbour’s busy tavernas, while adjoining Pantachou Beach offers a stretch of golden sand.

Nissi Beach is a popular beach in the resort of Ayia Napa, Cyprus. The beach stretches for 500 metres and the water is clean enough for the beach to have been awarded the blue flag designation. The beach, which runs the length of its own cove, takes its name from the small islet of Nissi located close to the coast.

With its crystal clear waters and gently shelving white sand, Nissi Beach is gorgeous to look at and a great place to chill out and top up your tan.


It has a selection of places to eat and drink, various watersports including jet-ski, banana boats and pedalos. It also boasts a diving centre, a volleyball court and of course, toilets, showers and changing No Visit to Ayia Napa is complete without some time spent at Nissi Beach. It’s not only Ayia Napa’s biggest daytime hotspot but one of the most popular beaches on the whole island of Cyprus. Everyday from May until October beach parties are held at the Nissi Bay Beach Bar featuring some of Ayia Napa’s best known DJs as well as guest artists and celebrities. Expect special guest appearances, dance contests, foam parties and all kinds of fun and shenanigans.


In early November the sun loungers are packed away and the watersports put away until April. Winter temperatures can reach up to 25 degrees so visiting Nissi Beach in winter is peaceful and calm.

One of the most popular things to do in Ayia Napa is to go on a boat trip. There’s no experience like feeling the sun on your skin and sea breeze in your hair as you cruise along the stunning East coast of Cyprus.

All boat trips from Ayia Napa will visit the famous sea caves, with most also viewing the dramatic peak of Cape Greco and the impossibly gorgeous Blue Lagoon at Konnos Bay. Some of the longer boat trips also sail past the busy beaches of Protaras and on to the Famagusta viewpoint where you can witness the devastation of the ghost town of Varosha. Swimming stops are included with all boat trips. During the early and late summer months there is also a chance of spotting Dolphins and turtles around the coastline close to Ayia Napa.

All sorts of boat trips to suit everyone. Chilled out lazy cruises, party boats, family fun, adventure sea tours, sunset trips and even private sailings for groups, couples and celebrations

The coast on the eastern side of Cyprus is dominated by the dramatic peak of Cape Greco. You can also view the impressive rock structures at the sea caves and enjoy the breeze as you sail towards the ghost town of Famagusta on a full day cruise. Some boat trips journey past the popular holiday resort of Protaras and most stop at the pretty cove at Konnos bay or the nearby Blue Lagoon for a swim stop.

Ayia Napa is Peter Pan land. Never grow up, never grow old. Live the Dream.

The small chapel of Ayia Thekla is built between the municipalities of Ayia Napa and Sotira Religiously it belongs to Sotira.

It is the “apple of the contention” between the two Municipalities who state that the chapel belongs to their periphery and this is not irrelevant to the archaeological wealth that is believed to exist on the shores of St. Thekla.