No night like a Bouzoukia night

No night like a Bouzoukia night

A Greek music night in London

Bouzouki nights are a quintessential part of Greek and Cypriot life. The community in the UK and indeed in other countries around the world remain connected to Cyprus through culture, lifestyle and last but not least, through music.

Frankie Champ has become a ubiquitous with Bouzouki nights in London. Now that we have finally exited the recent pandemic, these events are back in full swing, with the next one scheduled for the 1st of April 2022, at the Penridge Suite, Bowes Road, N11.

Frankie always selects people who are well known to the community for his events, from the DJ of a famous London Greek radio, to independent musicians who are well known for providing the music at a wide range of functions, including Greek weddings.

On this occasion, artists will include Tas Diastello and Mixalis Theodosiou, who are, as expected, very well known for their music and entertainment at these events.


For bookings contact Frankie Champ on 07881 364442