The Kitios War – Cypriot History

The Kitos War or The Jewish Revolt as it has come to be known as (115–117; Hebrew: מרד הגלויות‎: mered ha’galuyot or mered ha’tfutzot [מרד התפוצות]; translation: rebellion of the diaspora. Latin: Tumultus Iudaicus) was one of the major Jewish–Roman wars, 66–136. The rebellions erupted in the year 115, when majority of the Roman armies were

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Hadjigeorkgakis Kornesios – Cypriot History

Hadjigeorkgakis Kornesios Cypriot History Hadjigeorgakis Kornesios came from Kritou Terra in Paphos in western Cyprus. Early on he served as interpreter or dragoman. The dragoman was usually a Christian from the local community appointed by the Ottomans, and it was a significant office awarded to highly educated individuals with mastery of both the Greek and

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