Procedure of property purchase in Cyprus
The constantly developing Cyprus real estate market is a promising place for investments for the acquisition of residential and commercial properties. Prime Property Group will help you explore the property market of the island, through a transparent and straight-forward procedure. The final purchase process is mapped out below, making your decision to become a Cyprus property-owner a unique and exciting experience.

Step 1. Selection

Step 2. Trial Trip

Step 3. Conclusion of the preliminary contract

Step 4. Opening an account with a Cypriot bank

Step 5. Preparation of the sale contract

Step 6. Document registration

Step 7. Completion of mutual settlements

Step 8. Obtaining of the Title Deed

Step 9. Starting a new life

Ongoing support
If you have any questions about how to buy a property in Cyprus, our specialists will answer questions, help you dispel doubts and help you choose and purchase any property you like.